The PepiBand 1050

The PepiBand is a four piece band from Sicily, born in 2003 from the ashes of the indie-noise band Twig Infection. The band’s sound is influenced by the most significant post-punk and alternative-rock bands of the last three decades, oscillating between minimal indie melodies and direct, powerful, guitar-driven songs. The PepiBand released its first instrumental EP in 2005 (Omonimo), and 5 years later the first album, Panic, recorded in 2010 and released for the netlabel Lophohpora Williams recordings. The last full-length, just released by a group of Italian and French indie-rock labels (Altipiani, Pied de Biche, Edwood records and Arsonica) was recorded live in 2014 in the countryside of southeast Sicily, and features two guests: Giovanna Cacciola of Uzeda (vocals on “A Blue Day”) and Dario Serra of Suzanne’Silver (vocals on “Summer Parade Arrived”).

La PepiBand si forma nell’Inverno del 2003, ed è composta da Enzo Pepi (Twig Infection), Marco Caruso (Twig Infection), e Alessandro Formica (Enzyme). La Band inizia a comporre brani strumentali. Nel 2004 si aggiunge alla band Giuseppe Forte. Nel Settembre del 2005 la band registra un Ep con quattro brani strumentali. Lo scorso settembre il gruppo entra nuovamente in studio per registrare 10 brani composti tra il 2006 ed il 2009. Così prende forma il nuovo disco della PepiBand: Panic. Il disco, con 10 brani inediti, prodotto dalla band e Jorge Blengino (già fonico dei QBeta), è uscito a Marzo del 2010.

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