Tapso II
Tapso II‘s musical experience starts in Catania in 2005, thanks to the enthusiastic meeting between Giancarlo Mirabella (drums), Stefano Garaffa Botta (guitar, voice) and Giovanni Fiderio (violin, combo organ).
Tapso II is a three pieces band from Catania,Sicily, Italy.They play an intense melody/math/rock/explosion based on a precis…e and powerful drumming, surrounded by programmed inserts of electric guitar, violin, combo organ and effected voices.
Their music is influenced by contemporary experimental composers and enhanced by the disquieting life in a city of blinding lights, loud sounds and terrific chants.
In the summer of 2009, they released their first record wich was entirely self-produced and self-promoted. It was recorded live and mixed by Sacha Tilotta (and the holy help of Alfredo Musumeci) with  “Dreams Factory Analog Studio” (Catania, Italy) at the Green House in Modica (Italy), and mastered by Bob Weston at “Chicago Mastering Service” in Chicago, Illinois-U.S.A.
Between 2010/2013, they play in Italy and Europe (France, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro), meeting beautiful people.
At the end of 2013, they produce a Limited Edition EP “Rough”, which contains previously unseen footages along with some anticipation of the new album.
In 2014, they release their second album  “Close Distances”, produced by Riff Records and still recorded by Sacha Tilotta with his “Dreams Factory Analog Studio”.

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